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Gatsby Theme Amsterdam was designed to be a minimal and clean theme geared towards photographers, artists and other creative folks. Inspired by the capital city of the Netherlands known for its artistic heritage, impressive architecture and canals that criss-cross the city. Truthfully I have never visited before but it sounds like a pretty cool place so I decided to use the name.

Created by Ryan Wiemer


  • Minimal responsive design
  • Optional page transitions
  • Multiple grid options to display posts
  • Customizable theme colors and typography with Theme UI
  • MDX support
  • SEO friendly component
  • Mobile menu
  • Optional scroll progress indicator
  • Optional toggle to switch color modes
  • Emotion using styled-components syntax
  • Tags
  • Pagination
  • Offline support

© 2021 Ryan Wiemer

  • @ryanwiemer
  • GitHub