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Netlify CMS

netlify cms

Background Information

Netlify CMS is an open source content management system (cms) made for static site generators like Gatsby and uses a Git workflow approach. It provides a friendly user interface to allow non technical users to make content updates without needing to know Git or the command line.

Example Setup

An example setup using Gatsby Theme Amsterdam and Netlify CMS can be found on the netlify-cms branch of Gatsby Starter Amsterdam. Note that you will still need to update the repo name in config.yml in order to authenticate and use Netlify CMS for your own repo or fork.

Manually Add Support

This assumes you already have Gatsby Theme Amsterdam installed.

  1. Add gatsby-plugin-netlify-cms:
yarn add netlify-cms-app gatsby-plugin-netlify-cms
  1. Add the plugin in gatsby-config.js
// gatsby-config.js
plugins: [`gatsby-theme-amsterdam`, `gatsby-plugin-netlify-cms`]
  1. Create a new file called config.yml and update the repo with your github username and the name of your repository.
# static/admin/config.yml

  name: github
  repo: username/repo-name
media_folder: static/media
public_folder: /media
  - name: posts
    label: Posts
    label_singular: 'Post'
    folder: content
    path: '{{slug}}/index'
    media_folder: ''
    public_folder: ''
    create: true
      preview: false
      - label: Title
        name: title
        widget: string
      - label: 'Cover Image'
        name: 'cover'
        widget: 'image'
      - label: 'Date'
        name: 'date'
        widget: 'date'
      - label: 'Tags'
        name: 'tags'
        widget: 'list'
      - label: 'Body'
        name: 'body'
        widget: 'markdown'
  1. Navigate to http://localhost:8000/admin/ if you are developing locally or in order to authenticate and start enjoying Netlify CMS. 😀


If you have any questions or want support for another CMS please submit an issue on GitHub or send me a tweet on Twitter @ryanwiemer.

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